Christmas gift ideas….Kos side!




My owner seems to be running around like a headless chicken at the moment!  What’s that song?  Christmas time is here…it’s a happy time of the year….well, for her it’s a very stressful time of the year!


Thank goodness she seems to be ‘sort of’ organised this year and not leaving everything till the last minute.  It’s hard for many people to be ‘happy’ in Greece at the moment….living in the crisis.  For many, Christmas time will be very difficult and certainly there will not be so many presents under the Christmas Tree this year.


First though…coffee by the sea at Bella Vista!  (10% off your bill with me).


Christmas is not all about presents though is it?  But, I am going to take you shopping anyway!  Even if it is just window shopping, or giving you ideas around the shops in Kos..and how you can save with your mykosclub card – like me!





Who would have thought it that my owner found the perfect present for 5 euro (even less when she uses me),  at Kosta Boda.


What an amazing shop.  It is a shop that my owner has avoided for years, because she usually had a child in tow…and was scared they might break something….(actually, she is more clumsy than they are!)


Kosta Boda have some wonderful Christmas ideas.  There are many decorative candles you can give as a present (4 in a pack even – which you could split up with some sweets or chocolates and give to friends or teachers maybe).


A selection of small glass Christmas plates that are then beautifully wrapped up in Kosta Boda paper (again these are always really handy around the house at Christmas…for all those biscuits with icing sugar on, and would make inexpensive Christmas gifts.    Anyway, she was really oooohing and arrrhhhing (and careful) as she walked around this shop.




Kosta Boda offer a 10% discount with your mykosclub card…… happy days!







A friend has a Nikos that she wanted to buy a pressie for.  Of course it is custom in Greece to buy name day presents for close family and friends.  I wish I had a name day!




We popped into Kid Time on Ippocrates Street and chose a ‘set’.  It has a mykosclub sticker in the window (meaning I am welcome!).  They offer a 10% discount too….every little helps!


One more stop at the toy shop Limnoupoli, where my owner always stops for a chat with the lovely man who has this toy shop.  She asked what seems to be the best selling items for Christmas so far.




For girls….Barbie of course….(Pop Princesses) and for boys…playmobile (especially with the knights!)


With me here…you can also get 10% off these items!





So goodbye….most of the shops are shut on St Nicholas Day in Kos Town (so I will have a rest) and I have a feeling my owner will be pretty busy in the kitchen anyway….for her daughter’s birthday on Friday.


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