Girls on Tour – Bravo Beach


Where is it you ask?

Take the turning of the main road to Mastichari, and continue until you see the sign post on your right, (it’s also quite close to the Water Park), you will also spot some sign posts to some of the large hotels in this area (Neptune and The Princess Hotel)…..continue down the lane, and head towards the sea….there you will find Bravo Beach!

There is a large car park too, so no worries about having to perch on a cliff, or getting stuck in the sand!  Not that this has happened to us ever before on this island…..well, not recently, and not here!

Bravo beach is off the beaten track, so you can enjoy  peace and quiet with friendly and quick service on the beach too.  Perfect if  you really wish to chillax and not move far from your sunbed! It is certainly a relaxing beach, not jam packed with rows and rows of sunbeds, just a few with  umbrella’s of course.  In fact there is  even several shaded areas with large tables  and chairs if you wish to dine on the beach.   You can choose from the wide menu available and it’s great if you are with children , no need to brush off the sand before lunch and get them changed….simply eat on the beach with less hassle!

The restaurant, cafe is open from 10 in the morning till 10 in the evening, and sometimes later, so it’s good if you wish to spend a whole day out, splashing in the sea, baking in the sun,  reading in the shade, strolling along the golden sand and watching the sailing boats and windsurfers from the nearby hotels.  From coffee to cocktails, and sandwiches to delicious mouth watering meals, and incredible crepes (savory and sweet), and of course much more….(with a selection of traditional Greek, and international cuisine as well).    Sun and sunset, or even take a moonlit stroll, if you are staying near by.

Bravo Beach is run by Michelle  and her two lovely children, well young adults now….  and friendly staff.    Michelle is English, and has been living on the island also for many years.

It is a relaxed atmosphere, child friendly, good food, wonderful scenery, and of course next to the sea….   a perfect place to stop for the day (or evening) or both ….whilst in Kos….so why not?!


  • Kizi 10

    results are ideal getaway for the sea where I think this is really great

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