A letter from frequent visitors of Kardamena……

Letter to the Mayor of Kardamena 4th July 2013

Dear Mr. Mayor

It is with a heavy heart we write to you about the current situation in the village of Kardamena. We first visited Kardamena in 1987 and fell in love with the village, its people and the Island, and we have continued out love affair with Kardamena returning on holiday twice a year for a 2 week vacation each time.

We have been devastated by the decline of the village this year in particular.  Where there were once beautiful shops, nice bars and restaurants there are now empty premises and quite frankly it is an eyesore for the first time visitors to Kardamena.  We feel this devastation has arisen due to the exceedingly large number of All Inclusive Hotels that surround the village. Whilst we acknowledge there is a need for this type of holiday we feel the overkill far far outweighs the necessity for this type of holiday experience, as there are many people who still prefer the freedom to choose where they stay and where they eat and drink. There are many small fine hotels and apartments who do not have the money or the clout to promote themselves and we feel that you and your Council are failing the good people of Kardamena.

Having talked to guests in our hotel and around the village they too feel that more needs to be done to promote the excellent facilities n the village and there are people who like us come back year after year to our small, friendly, family run hotel. This loyalty you will not get from All Inclusive Hotel guests.

We now ask you and the Council to ask yourselves are you doing enough to help your people – our opinion would be no. Therefore it is now time for you to take control, promote the village of Kardamena and put a stop to the All Inclusives bleeding it dry.

Also, it is not made easy for people who are travelling independently to find flights at reasonable prices. Tour companies, especially TUI, only want to fill All Inclusive accommodation and therefore Flight Only is very expensive. It is easier and cheaper to travel to other Greek Island as they have many more low cost airlines flying to them. Perhaps you and the Council should address this problem before the independent traveller looks elsewhere for their holidays.

On a final note, in 2007 we attended a Dance Festival in the village and at this event we were presented with a Certificate and local products on behalf of the Mayor of Heraklidon which made us immensely proud to be part of the village.

Yours sincerely

Maureen and David Gibbons


  • carrie

    well said …..we have been going to kardamena for about 6 years now and since our first trip we now have two young children and find it hard to find flights cheap enough for us all as the airlines insist on charging full rate for toddlers over 2 which is absurd !! Its a lovely place with fab people (The Stone Roses bar in particular !!) but we noticed the decline of the local shops when we were last there last year.

    We just hope that something can be done to save this gem of a town as we would love to be able to continue coming as our children grow up.

    From a saddened regular and her family

    Carrie Maybury.

  • JungleJim

    It’s just a case of that’s the way it is. Everybody I work beside is going AI, because that’s what they can afford and unfortunately bigger businesses are crushing smaller ones all over Europe. The high streets in the UK are no different and the larger companies are taking over everywhere. So, your big hotels are not going to just go away and they’ve got the money to make sure they get those seats on the plane. Very sad, but very true

  • brian Pinfold

    been going to kardamena for 25 years now.sometimes for a month sometimes for 2 weeks. I entirely agree with the comments from Maureen and David Gibbons the all inclusives have spoiled the village. Not only for the tourists but also for the people and their businesses. Yes the flights are too expensive. We stop with some very good greek friends who have 3 appartments and a taverna below but they are struggling because, it is cheaper to go in a hotel package holiday because of the cost of the flights and tourists are not spending the money in the bars because they stay in the hotels. Time to do something now before it is too late.
    Brian Pinfold

  • elaine murray

    Bravo well put.We live on Rhodes and the same thing is happening here.Small businesses are being ousted out and the replacements don’t suit all tastes.Soon we will only be able to book all inc. if this carries on.Elaine Murray Kiotari Rhodes.

  • Yvon

    I totally agree , I live in Rhodes for almost 5 years, it’s the same over here and I believe on other greek Islands…the all inc. taking over. here also a problem that all the hotels are ‘packed “with Russians. I am not a racist but I hear from many Dutch , German people ( work as a rep) its a problem.If u are between people who think they bought the hotel while they booked a holiday…and very little of your own country… People don’t go out , not even for a coffee…many empty shops, every where All incl. The all inc. are killing the best , nice family hotels!Many didn’t even open this year! Big Big problem!

  • http://www.yepi10.net/ Yepi

    We hope that the mayor will pay special attention to the requirements of this letter

  • http://www.frivjogo.info/ Friv Jogos

    I think what is so real and shared by all of their thoughts. Whatever it was also very much appreciated and acknowledged it emotionally.

  • http://www.frivjogo.info/ Friv Jogos

    These are truly shared, to believe what is written by the objective.

  • denis

    Couldn’t agree more we’ve been going since 89 too along with many regulars we know.Certain areas look like war zone and first timers who do not know the village must surely be put off for life.The all inclusive guests put no money into the local Greek economy with there money being siphoned away by the international owned hotelliers.If some of the money thrown at the hotels had been given to the appartment and smaller real hotelliers it would have helped .Breaks my heart to see beautiful beach front appartments unused and falling into dereliction

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