Does Kos Still Value Visitors

kefalosMy wife and I have been coming to holiday in Kefalos since 1993 and for the last two years have stayed, from May until October, at Sevoula Studios which is situated on the beachfront at Kamari Bay.

The owners of the property operate sunbeds on the beach, directly in front of their studios, for which they have to pay a licence fee.

On Friday 7th June, at approximately 9.30a.m, 5 couples had already rented beds when literally hundreds of children arrived at the beach with adults who we took to be either teachers, parents or both.

These children, who we learned were from schools in Kos Town, were then allowed to run wild across the beach driving everyone from their beds. The public footpath and the private access to the studios were taped off by some of the adults and signs put up to deter anyone from entering.

This all happened despite the efforts of the owners who were simply ignored by everyone in this huge party. The owners were forced to spend the next few hours ‘supervising’ the children to prevent them from damaging either the beds, which were being jumped on, or the umbrellas, which were being climbed.

When the party departed, later that day, the amount of rubbish left behind was unbelievable and the owners of the studios were left with the task of clearing the beach.

Whilst the tour companies are concentrating on all-inclusive holidays local studios, tavernas and supermarkets are suffering from a year on year downturn in trade, particularly in Kefalos.

Visitors who ‘do their own thing’ such as my wife and myself are bringing much needed income to these local businesses but the scenes of yesterday would deter any of those who witnessed it from returning.

As the carnage was restricted to this area of the beach perhaps your investigative reporters could find out why the schools chose this part of the beach; who authorised them to seal off the area for their own use and why was no warning given to the owners of Sevoula Studios.

In summary the lack of respect shown by the children and adults comprising this trip indicated that the residents of Kos do not want our money. Whilst this is surprising given the Greek economy we will take the hint and be suggesting to all our fellow guests that they do likewise.

From Visitors of Sevolula Studios in Kamari Bay, Kefalos

  • d twyford

    I am soo sorry for KOS but unless the Greek people WAKE up and get together to sort the problems out , they deserve everything that is coming to them ,, the cretians won,t be coming to get your melons and tomatoes any more they are in the same boat , but at least they are working together to try and change things , ask how well the new ryan air hub is going ,,,ask how the golf is doing ,,ask how much it is to fly there ?? then ask how much the all inclusive pay to the island in tax and revma and water ,, that we have to do without because they want it at the time of NOW ,,ask the MAN in CHARGE who is filling HIS pockets, so the rest of the island can DIE

  • georgallischrist

    Children are the same the world over…they cause caos wherever they go..however, they were obviously being looked after by their teachers, so why did no one go over and have a word with the teachers…..

  • Friv Jogos

    Reality and we accept it, and the signs can thrive better in the future.

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