He could have died…

A recent  incident reported in local news highlights the fact ‘once again’ that the island of Kos lacks basic medical facilities and especially ambulances and emergency services!


A young boy was sitting in ‘Goodies’ (a fast food establishment in Kos Harbour) and suddenly he started convulsing and foaming at the mouth.  It was an epilepsy fit.  An urgent call was made to the local emergency services and the parents of this young boy were told that the ambulance would be delayed due to it already being at another incident.

The next minutes were crucial, it could have been a matter of life or death!

Luckily, a local man who had trained as a Doctor was on the scene and was able to assist the young boy.

We ask ourselves what would have happened if he hadn’t of been?

The feeling of insecurity and worry grips us all as we fear for the health of our families.  What if?  After all, as we are told time and time again this is the island of Hippocrates, the founder of medicine.  However, Kos has very limited services to offer those that are living here, let alone the thousands of people that visit Kos every summer!

The crisis and lack of funding has hit hard….but should not be used as an excuse…especially when it concerns lives!

It is not the fault of the Doctors or of the Reception staff, many whom are working extra hours and are tired of trying to make do with the lack of equipment and facilities.

Could you imagine what would happen ‘if’ and let us hope that there will never be an earthquake…or an accident involving ‘many’?  Too worrying to even consider!


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    A very sad information, as prices can sometimes faster, it will not be the innocent lives lost. This also gives us but think about many things in life policies, social policies concerned, I hope that no such thing happened.

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