Minas Hatzimihail speaks out about the ‘sight for sore eyes’ at the sea front!

Sorry – it all seems to be doom and gloom at the moment…when really we should all be so happy that so many tourists have chosen Kos this year…..(and extremely thankful considering…..)’

BUT many of us feel frustrated and just want the island to be organised, safe, clean and that the work is finished or even started…..that should have been months ago…!!!

The President of the Hotel Association Mr Minas Hatzimihail speaks out to local news about the state of affairs at the sea front…

What we all want to know is what is being done about it and when will it get fixed???


…It’s getting worse by the day…..


On the list of ‘things to do’ by the local council…should also be Plaka (another accident waiting to happen), the wooden bridge is unsafe, broken and has rusty nails sticking up through the stairs!  The picnic benches seem to have gone missing? Nisos Kos also reported this this week…as we did last year…..and still nothing was done!

The Wetlands in Psalidi once used as an ideal  bird watching area by tourists and the local community, is falling apart and the look out hut all locked up.

General cleaning and ‘gardening’ – weeding around the Town and park areas needs attention.  What really was the point of making concrete flower beds if they are now just full of weeds and look ugly?  The ones at the Port by the cafe bar, the first thing that people see when they get of the Cruise Ship or boat are also needing some help!

The list is a long one!  We also do understand that there is very little in terms of funding at the moment, but a little organisation and spending money on the right actions that will benefit Kos (and tourism)….is important…isn’t it?


Photo by Local news …


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