Nicko Kappas shares his views on re-cycling in Kos…..

It’s funny that recycling goes back a long way, as far as 400 BC when Plato was around. They used to recycle broken pottery and household waste. So here we are on the island of Kos in the year 2013 and we have managed as a society to dump our wastes directly into our nature. Good job done.

Let me remind everyone that when we were having recycling at the old Vadim factory, Kos had one of the best results per head of recycling matter in all of Greece. It showed that people do care and that recycling is a part of our life. Now we have to explain to our children that we have a social-economic war between private investors and the Mayor of Kos. (Yes, you read well: ) That’s correct: private investors have been illegally stopped to invest their millions on our island for recycling until the council decides to do it themselves.

So here is the big question which everyone will understand: if the council decides one day in the year 3245 to invest in recycling, then what right do they have to block private investors ? The big answer is Money! Its been proven though that 10,000 tons of waste can create up to 30 jobs and is a sure profit investment ! Recycling, converting waste into reusable material, is beneficial for the Earth and has alot of environmental impacts that aren’t yet recognized.

I will tell you one of the many many benefits of recycling: clean air protects us from airborne diseases. Recycling is not just a healthy hobby that protects us but the lives of humans and animals depend on it. We have the power to change the world and to decide what is best for us all.

Recycling is not someone’s ownership! Its our God given right and no-one has that much power to stop our right to recycle!

Nickoz Kappas.

*Your views and comments on this subject are much appreciated…comment below this article.

This evening a Group of environmentalists in Kos had a meeting and we look forward to hearing all about it and their ideas how to help make Kos environmentally friendly :-)

  • Kizi 10

    recycling is essential, not only it brings a world of global pollution problem that every country must do

  • Kristina Sjöstedt

    Good job Nickos. I have been travelling to Kos since 1982 and I live in Sweden. But now I have my own apartment in Kos. I hope Kos will be the best island again to take care of the recycling. If I had been down in Kos now I would be at the meeting. Keep going! We fightt for the island will be the best island in Greece.

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