Action Plan For Tourist Promotion And Information For Visitors To Our Island

kostown2Action Plan For Tourist Promotion And Information For Visitors To Our Island


The tourism industry is currently the most dynamic part of the tertiary sector in our region. Tourist activity is predominantly located in areas away from the centre of the villages and the city with many large investments and which manage more than 80% of visitors to the island.

The main objective of the program is to develop such actions in order to increase the mobility of visitors, to increase traffic as atomic mostly with trips to the centre of the nearest village and in the city centre and areas of outstanding natural and cultural beauty by guests staying in large units.

To achieve this it is necessary to create the infrastructure, organization and networking through which to provide reliable information to visitors about the places and routes you can go across the width of the island and the activities in which they can participate.

The proposals include:

Creating a special web portal for tourist promotion of the island of Kos.

The creation of specific content management tools for tourism promotion coordinated in Kos through popular websites, such as google maps, Wikipedia, etc. and through social media such as facebook, twitter, etc.

The provision of internet services to potential and actual tourists on the island through portals and through specialized application guidebooks for all types of smart mobiles. These services relate mainly to the provision of tourist information when planning and during the trip.

The establishment of local tourist information centres, visitor centres and improved visitor information points.

The planning and promotion of thematic routes across the breadth of the island.
As far as the information points are concerned priority will be given to areas that are near or within the activity centres of tourist traffic so comprehensive information will be provided efficiently and without time cost for the visitor in areas of special importance for routes of outstanding natural beauty and areas presenting special tourist interest.

In particular interventions will focus on:

All visitor entry points to the city centre and communities
along thematic routes that are identified through the implementation of the Action Plan.
Places with high traffic such as archaeological sites, etc.
The centres will serve as information points for visitors giving possibilities to visit the whole island at the same time presenting the local products that could be obtained from each area.
Furthermore, they will propose routes which will enable the visitor to follow, in order to gain a unique experience of the natural and cultural heritage. This allows for more targeted information and informing visitors about thematic routes (wine, naturalistic paths, gastronomy, Byzantine and archaeological monuments etc).

Objections relate to the construction or improvement of the information centres, the provision of equipment and electronic databases, design and promotion of selected routes.

Finally, in the context of planning for the gradual lengthening of the season with steady and solid steps, a specific program of actions, events and offers for October 2013 has been designed aiming at full employment scores and increasing the mobility of visitors and demonstrates the significant strengthening of commercial traffic at the end of the season.

Translated by Donna Hatzizacharia

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