Bargains Galore at Ellie’s in Kardamena…as Table Top Sales start again!

After a huge success last year,  Jo, the owner of the Ellie’s Carvery in Kardamena (which by the way is well-known  for their wonderful roast dinners that are served on a Sunday throughout the summer and winter months), has opened her doors once again!    The Table Top Sale in Kardamena will be held every second Wednesday.

For those of you wondering, what exactly is one of those, basically – A Table Top Sale is similar to the ‘Car Boot Sales’ , however with no cars in sight, just tables.  You can hire a table from Jo  for the morning at a small cost of 3 euro, and then you can sell everything but the kitchen sink on it, although people have been know to sell those too!

It’s a great opportunity for those that are selling, whether  leaving the island, or if you’ve been having a general sort out at home, and need to make some space.  It’s a great way to make some  extra pennies in your pocket, and help contribute to a good cause!

AND if you just love a good bargain or two, and a rummage, then dive right in, you can really find some amazing things, from household goods, electrical items, toys, books and clothing and not forgetting homemade goodies too, and all at very reasonable prices .  “What is one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”, who knows what you will find!

The Table Top mornings, are also  a great opportunity to meet up with old friends and make new ones.  You can buy tea or coffee and allow yourself to be  tempted by the smell of  bacon butties, or irresistible chocolate fudge cake!

Avon products, and Tupperware can also be ordered , and if you have the time, you can  even give yourself a treat and be pampered  with a  professional manicure  (for a very special price).

Yesterday  saw blue skies and a slight chill in the air, (the winter coats were out, and a few scarfs too) .   It was a fabulous turn out, and record breaking  bacon rolls were served, and the hot water urn didn’t stay full for long.

Tables were full and placed both inside and outside of Ellies Carvery, and there were many happy customers!

The photographs are a selection of  Brits Abroad,  (and a Canadian!) that were at the Sale , some have lived on the island for more than 30 years, and have grown up children that have also stayed and married here.   Other’s have retired to Kos, some English couples decided to  move here to escape the ‘rat race’, and to enjoy  a more slower pace of life.

Sadly, a few will be leaving this beautiful island,  and many have left already.   The current economic crisis and general state of affairs in Greece, have lead to many re considering their options and the future of their children.  Looking for better prospects elsewhere, especially concerning education,  employment and a decent pension! (Wishing them good luck), and hope they will keep in touch, and keep reading…..and then there are some that just keep on plodding onwards, slowly, getting through another day!

ARK (Animal Rescue Kos), was also raising money  by selling home made chutney ,(which is delicious I’m told), and GASAH, (Greek and Swiss Animal Help) trying to raise funds, by selling various household goods that had been donated.  Currently they are trying  to fly one of the dogs in their care to a new owner in Switzerland.  (They are also looking for anyone who is travelling to Switzerland who may be able to help by being a ‘fly’ partner, the dog has all the necessary documents and is ready to go)…..

A percentage made from the Table Top Sales, as always, will be donated to a local charity or organisation on the island.

Don’t forget there will also be A Car Boot Sale on Sunday 30th October at the Farmer’s Market (opposite the 4th High School,  where they sell fresh fish during the week).

Usually, starts from 9ish – 2pm, although that sometimes depends on the weather too!  Car Boot Sales, are also a great opportunity to buy and sell quality second hand goods.  You will need to contact Susan McGrane at ARK for a ‘slot’, and of course Jo Oxton for a table, at the next sale too in Kardamena.

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