Circular of EOF And the prohibition of medical conferences from June to September

hotelassociationLetter to the Media

Notification To:

Ministry of Tourism-Minister’s Office, Mrs Kefalogianni
EOT – Office of the Chairman, Mr. Zikou
Hellenic Chamber of Hotels – Office of the Chairman, Mr. George Tsakiris
SETE – Office of the Chairman, Mr. Andreas Andreadis
Panhellenic Federation of Hoteliers – Office of the President, Mr. John Retsos
National Medicines Agency-Office of the President, Mr. Tounta
Association of Pharmaceutical Companies-President’s Office, Mr. Frouzi
Athens Medical Association


on scientific events with Protocol Number 81867/26.11.2012

Under the Circular of the National Drug Organization Number. Prot 81867/26.11.2012 and the new, updated Code of Conduct Directors (12/18/12), five star (5*), sites known for their entertainment and luxurious character are excluded from national conferences to and in all tourist areas during certain periods (10/6-2/9 and 10/12-28/2).

The new Circular has caused a dramatic reduction in the demand for medical conferences in many tourist areas, resulting in several scientific events being geared to other destinations and even abroad. These restrictions endanger Conference tourism throughout the country while causing an injustice to renowned conference destinations, which are also touristic.

Excluded from these constraints are the prefectural capitals, which causes even more reactions and creates no logical distinction between conference destinations (it is obvious that others are benefiting from these limitations …)!

This circular is like punishing the same country for its own terrain. We have 3000 islands, of which 1500 are inhabited and 70-100 of them are trying to survive and create entrepreneurship aimed at decentralization (not urbanization), maintain a constant labour supply to citizens of this country and ultimately the gigantic effort not to fall prey to the frontier zone abandonment.

Especially the island of Kos, because the origin of the “Father of Medicine” Hippocrates medical and archaeological monuments (Asklepieion) attract the attention of doctors from around the world (in fact each one becomes the representation of the Hippocratic oath, on the site of Asklepios , which of course can not be done in the rainy season). Many domestic and international medical conferences were held on the island, where they have invested considerable resources in shaping conference facilities in hotels of a high category, which in turn have promoted the Growth and Developmental Law.

Taking into account:

The fact that your decisions are contrary to the policy of the Ministry of Tourism to attract medical conferences;

The fact that in countries with the peculiarity of having many islands, the joint effort of each state should be to strengthen the islands and not weaken them;

The fact that your decisions discriminate between conference destinations;

That many medical conferences will disappear out of the country;

The fact that most convention centres are high class categories, in particular five stars;

The Hippocratic ideals and respect for the heavy history of the island of Kos;

That Kos is one of the largest convention centres in the Balkans (among others);

We require the following:

The abolition of the ban on medical conferences in five-star hotels;

The abolition of the ban on medical conferences in tourist areas (known for entertaining and luxurious character);

Repealing the ban period of time medical conferences in tourist areas, or even shrinking this;

The exception of the island of Kos as the island of Hippocrates, from any restrictions.

Features will cite the example of our neighbouring country, Turkey, which, unlike us, decentralized with an extremely aggressive policy, to attract medical conferences. They even elevated Asclepius as “man of the Aegean”, creating policies that create a new precedent and hit ‘sleepy’ Greece

Especially nowadays we live with the risk of bringing many tourism businesses and destinations to economic decline and collapse, any decisions we make should aim to support and develop without hindrance.

As tourism is a very important source of revenue to the GDP of the Greek economy, we believe it is necessary to make a collective effort to support and promote the benefits of each site.

In anticipation of your reply, we remain at your disposal for any further clarification or information needed.


The Hotel Association, Kos

Translated from
By Donna Hatzizacharia

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