Diary of a mykosclub card

Hi…this is me!  Welcome to my diary…have a feeling I am going to be very busy over the next few weeks judging by the size of my owner’s Christmas shopping list.

Today we were out and about in Kos Town, the sun was shining and my owner was soooo very happy as she saved almost 11 euro by using me.  There are also a few more gifts now crossed off her list!

Look what she bought for her daughter…super modern boots from Mixahl Shoes (her daughter’s going to love them) and she SAVED 3.5 euro – which more than paid for her coffee and doughnut at Go Donuts where she
also got a 10% discount…every little helps!  Hang on, I thought she was on a diet?


Next stop was Ekfrasi where she spent ages trying to decide on which colour Parker Pen Set to buy her boss (he is always losing his pen’s).  Finally, half an hour later she chose this set…and out I popped again making a SAVING of 6 euro!  Ekfrasi is a Book Shop and Stationary Shop selling all sorts of great gifts they are situated in Konitsis Square and offer -15%.

Last stop (I hoped) for today was at The Slipper Shop (also in Konitsis Square) where she bought slippers for her Nephew and SAVED 1 euro, but also found cute slippers and a bag that were perfect for one of her daughters who loves Hello Kitty that were reduced from 25 euro to only 10…BARGAIN!!!

Shopping was (quite) fun…one more stop to work off that doughnut
The Fitness Village (which also offer -15%) and have some great other offers on too!  I think I’ve certainly done my work-out for the day!  I’m exhausted!

See you tomorrow.

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