Greek & Swiss Animal Help Needs Your Help & Support

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My name is Marion Jarvis and as president of the animal charity :Greek and Swiss Animal Help,which operates intensively on Kos island from June to October each year , here are some statistics which may interest many islanders .

We do not publicise what we do very much, no trumpet- blowing, this is not our style, preferring to quietly keep on keeping on get on ,although our homepage does give a regular picture of the areas we are doing intense work in .

As many of you know we are a registered charity on Kos. We work intensively with a qualified team for a large part of the year and have done since 2005 as an organization ,and myself since 2001 in cooperation with local vets and local Greek people .We work hard and all voluntarily not only in summer/autumn but in winter too , where our strong committee continues its work in full force in Switzerland where we are obliged to do serious fund raising and where we attend further courses in animal care ,veterinary nursing courses etc .often at the university of Zürich in order to constantly update our training in order to be of service to the animals we care for.

We have projects helping felines and canines and more recently, with overwhelming success, our pioneer cattle project , ( recently televised on Kos TV) ,where we are planting important, educative seeds for the future; education being the main aim of the organization and the one area where we feel passionately, the greatest help long term for the animals will be stimulated .

To the best of my knowledge ,there are three animal charities on Kos island and by GASAH working FLAT OUT for a large part of the year ,we dramatically compliment their work and reduce the problems and work for them as best w e can and for the many other lovely locals who help individually in the winter months ,mainly because the number of dogs and cats that ,thanks to our sterilization cat and dog programmes , are not born later in the year into a life of neglect and suffering. Before we leave Kos each year to return to our jobs to bring in more money and further fundraise , we have completed a lot of preventative and healing work ,more than we personally could hope to achieve with a s smaller team,as was previously the case for several years , in a whole 12 month period .Would you like to learn more ? Here are the facts for those who love animals.

If you wish to become a member or want to find out more go to

Click here to open and read the fact sheet

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    Thanks for sharing, after reading the article I felt comfortable with my pet

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    Really thank you post information sharing, view the photos made ​​me feel really comfortable, love life.

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    This information is really very much appreciated, we need to act more quickly and positively to problems like this. Nature always has amazing beauty thatâ but with the negative impact of it is the day we broke civil society. We need to act like this.

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