Mykosclub – supporting local charities….

The NEW mykosclub card is ready to be launched!
Mykosclub wish to raise awareness of these THREE very important charities that operate on the island of Kos, Greece.
When you purchase a Mykosclub card a percentage of each card will be given to
Goodbye To Cancer, Kos Kindness and Animal Rescue Kos (also known as ARK or Kivotos).
Your mykosclub card will SAVE  you money AND by buying a card you will also be helping  raise money for very good causes on the island of Kos!
Mykosclub helping support local businesses, clubs and charities on the island of Kos.
A non-profit making group which aims to raise awareness as well as funds for the local people of Kos whose lives have been affected by cancer.
The charity works alongside the local hospital in Kos to improve the conditions for cancer patients and their families.
Last year Goodbye To Cancer were able to purchase a much needed chemotherapy machine for the hospital in Kos.
Goodbye To Cancer continue to fund raise and hope to one day be able to  provide a whole new Oncology Department operating in Kos, as well as hospice facilities for cancer patients here.
For more information please see their facebook page and  website
The idea of Kos Kindness developed when a group of foreign girls living on the island of Kos decided that they wanted to be able to reach out and help those less fortunate than themselves.
It was close to Christmas at the time, so the idea of putting together food supplies and little gifts for families and individuals having a tough time on the island soon sprung into life. Of course, this would not have been possible without the support of many local shops, businesses and individuals that donated food, gifts and their time.
Kos Kindness continued to grow from strength to strength with the help and continued support from many people living on the island and abroad.  Many people wanted to make a difference and to bring some sunshine into other peoples lives that had become dark and grey.
Kos Kindness collect clothes and distribute them throughout the island to those that are struggling through difficult times, they also purchase much needed groceries for many of those that are living in poverty due to the economic crisis that has hit Greece hard over the last few years.
Kos Kindness extend their hands and their hearts and encourage other people to show acts of kindness, even when sometimes they too are facing difficulties of their own.
Please see their facebook page for further information:-
animal rescue kosbanner

Animal Rescue Kos is a non-profit legally registered charity since 16 June 2012.
They have helped many animals in Kos and continue to do so.  
Animal Rescue Kos have sterilised many of the stray animals on the island.  
Every day in their care they provide medicine, food and shelter for many of the injured animals that have been found. 
They continue to raise awareness in schools to educate the children on animal welfare.
Animal Rescue Kos have managed to re-home many of the abandoned animals on the island. New homes have often been found abroad. 
They work hard to re-unite lost animals with their owners.  
Animal Rescue Kos have been called out on many occasions to act as an emergency service  to help sick or injured animals.  
They provide the necessary vaccinations and medical care for these animals.
Animal Rescue Kos are currently in the process of an application for planning permission to provide a real ‘ark’, to shelter animals!
Recently ARK were able to purchase a large area of land.  Their intention is to build a center which can be used to accommodate the animals (with a cattery area and kennels too).  They wish to have an area where vets can treat the injured and sick animals, a resting area for those animals that need to recover after surgery.  
They have many ideas.
For  further information:-
* LOOK out for mykosclub posters around the island where you will be able to purchase one of these cards.  There are now over 200 places on the island that you can visit with your card and receive a discount or special offer!  Shops, restaurants, cafes, activities for the family, car hire, bicycle hire, hairdressers and beauty salons….and much…much more!!!    Look for the stickers on the windows!
The card is available for everyone!
Mykosclub cards can be used as a student card, single’s card, couple’s card or family card and the cost of a card is only 5 euro.
Please see for more information as well as the mykosclub facebook page
We are still adding and updating!

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