Rules for the roads after a fatal accident in Rhodes yesterday…..

There was a tragic accident reported in Rhodes yesterday in which a vehicle lost control and fatally wounded a 69 year old German citizen who was walking on the path.  The driver did not stop at the scene of the accident,  but later handed themselves in to local authorities.

It has lead to the Traffic Department re-issuing these safety rules if you are ever at an accident scene. What you must and must not do.
The General Police Directorate of the South Aegean Region, particularly sensitive to issues of safe driving and road safety, reminds all drivers and road users the following tips when witnessing or being involved in a traffic accident:

If you are involved in a road traffic accident:

a) stop immediately at the scene of the accident, but ensure that you do not create additional risks to oncoming traffic.

b) Take measures to ensure road and traffic safety and make sure you notify the nearest police authority as soon as possible.

c) exchange identity data, vehicle documentation and any other useful information (especially for insurance companies).  For accidents that occur where the victim has had physical injuries the authorities must  be notified within 24 hours and  all relevant information must be handled in the  most appropriate manner or through the nearest police station.

If the Accident caused death or injury, every driver and anyone else involved should:

• To provide the necessary assistance and support to victims.

• To notify the nearest police authority and remain at the scene until they arrive there, and the emergency authorities.

• To prevent any alteration (moving vehicles, parts, etc.) at the scene of an accident, which could hamper the work of the police.

Help other people and ensure there are not further traffic incidences by warning oncoming motorists of the accident.  Keep eyewitness identification and any other information you might require (such as facial features, registration number, type and color of vehicle etc,), especially in the case of those who left the scene of the accident.

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