Select Restaurant Tavern

The historical restaurant Select is a marvellous Greek tavern that is situated in a restored detached house built in 1933, in an old and historical neighbourhood in Kos on Nafklirou Street. This particular road runs alongside the beautiful ancient ruins of the Castle of St John’s nights and the ancient Agora, with wonderful cobbled streets running all the way to Hippocrates Tree.

The footprints of the restaurant’s history start up in 1947. It was the first restaurant that functioned in the city of Kos and it was initially named “Dew” because the area was and still is considered the coolest part of the city due to it being covered in flowers such as borgonville. The tavern was quickly recognised for it’s great tasty food and gained the preference of the locals as well as the hundreds of visitors that come to Kos.

Restaurant Select was renovated completely in 1998 by the owner Mr. Sotiris Vorrias and you can easily find us in front of the gate of tax, (which is the beautiful arch covered with the flowers situated a few metres from Elefteria Square of Freedom.

Here you can sit under the beautiful trees full of white, pink and purple blossoms and choose from amazing international cuisine such as Spicy Local Wine Salad and traditional Greek appertizers, amazing traditional dishes cooked slowly in the oven or over coal fires such as Lamb in the Oven with Rosemary and Mustard and Pork Tenderloin with Plums & Sweet Red Wine Sauce. We also have our Special Dishes Of The Day so please ensure you speak to friendly English speaking staff to find out what in on the menu.

To accompany your meal we also have a large selection of fine local and international wines to suit all tastes as well as delicious mouthwatering desserts such as Crepes, pancakes and ice cream.

During the evening the area where the restaurant is situated is transformed from quiet to more lively and busy which creates the perfect atmosphere to enjoy your evening meal and from here you can begin a splendid evening of amusement in the famous bar street (Exarchia) of Kos.

The restaurant functions from the 9 morning until 12 midnight everyday during summertime and soon to be all year round.

Telephone: +30 22420 21431

Address: 1 Nafklirou Str, Kos Town, Kos, Greece, 85300

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