Talking Ryanair in Rhodes amongst many other subjects….

A meeting was held with the Association of Hoteliers of Rhodes on Wednesday November 28th with members from other Hotel and Tourist Associations in the Dodecanse islands.  It was a meeting to discuss and address the problems that are facing the hotel industry in general in the region.

Among the topics that were discussed were: the ferry, the interface between the islands, connecting the island with the opposite Turkish coast, airline connections of our islands with cities of Greece and abroad, low cost airlines, the issue of Ryanair where the President of the Hotel Association Kos Minas Hatzimihail had the opportunity to be heard by the “Partnership” and the Presidents and members of all the important Associations that attended..

It was noted that there was interest and anxiety from many of the smaller islands such as  Patmos, Leros, etc and they wished to reach an agreement and they were assured and they fully understood the benefits and importance of Ryanair flights to Kos and Rhodes for their islands too.

Also discussed was the hydroplane and waterways.  The need for  public advertising of the islands to highlight their individual qualities and attractions.

It was reported that the meeting was  long but a very successful meeting which initiated actions agreed objectives and developed the spirit of cooperation between “small” and “large” tourist destinations in the Dodecanese.

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