The Contract Was Signed for the Drainage System in Kardamena

Kardamena HarbourOn Tuesday 05/02/2013, at 12.30, DEYAK and the company ‘P&C Development SA’ signed the contract for the construction project ‘Wastewater Kardamena of (former) Municipality of Irakleidon’. The budget for the project is 3,779,477.91Euros, which is funded by the operational program ‘Environment and Sustainable Development’ from the Ministry of the Environment and DEYAK.

It is a very important project for Kardamena, that will resolve the longstanding problem of sewage disposal for the population of this region.

The project will involve the construction of internal sewerage networks in Kardamena village, which will meet the needs of the equivalent population of 6,800 residents, for the next 20 years.

In detail, the construction will entail;

PVC networks of length 12,500m and grade 200-630mm.

Tactile conductors of length 2,800m and grade 140-500mm.

Polythylene pipes, of length 3,735m, with grade of 200-400mm

2 Pumps ad their ancillary structures.



Translated from kosnews24 by Emma Karanastasi -

  • hopy

    Waste water treatment is the problem spread worldwide especially in Asian countries, the problem of waste water is a major problem to be solved

  • Yepi

    this is a big project with hoping to people.Wastewater will be clarified before they are defecated out environment

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