The Dutch Embassy Refuses To Cover Expenses For The Dutchman Hospitalised In Kos And Fundraising Is Now Underway

2 articles have been recently written in Kos-News24 regarding a Dutch resident in Kos and the Dutch Embassies refusal to return him to his home country. – The recently release articles have been translated below.

The Dutch Embassy refuses to cover expenses of the operated Dutchman from Kos to his home

We understand, but we can not do anything because we have no money ..

This was the response of the Dutch embassy to a request by the Dutch club of Kos to undertake an embassy evacuation of a 67 year old Dutchman who has been hospitalized for one month now after surgery, because there is no possibility of him moving back to his homeland.

The 67 year old underwent major surgery (ruptured bowel) but needs to be moved urgently to a physical rehabilitation centre in the Netherlands to avoid a deterioration in his health. He has been staying in Kos since September. His family aren’t interested in helping it appears from communications between them and the Dutch ladies who live permanently in Kos and who are trying to find a solution, while his social security only covers medical expenses and not the evacuation.

Fundraising to return 67 year old to the Netherlands.

Interesting case from the Hotel Association Kos

“Hold a book Fundraiser to return a 67 year old back to his homeland” was the suggestion by the Dutch Embassy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands to the Dutch ladies in Kos, responding in this way to their request to transfer the 67 year old fellow patriot who has been hospitalized for one month now.

- A natural rehabilitation centre is at home -

”We volunteered to help a fellow human being who has no relatives and cannot afford to return to his homeland ..”

”We volunteered to help a fellow human being who has no relatives and cannot afford to return to his homeland ..” stressed the ladies of the community at a press conference, expressing their indignation about the indifference of the Dutch state in the human drama of this Dutch citizen and thanked the management and staff of the Hospital for their support. Note that.a letter has been sent to the Dutch embassy by the surgeon Mr. Agapopoulos.

Meanwhile the issue is being highlighted by the Dutch media, and the Kos Hotel Association has shown interest in helping, while on the other hand the owner of the room (which the 67 year old was renting since September) has proceeded to evict him requesting that his fellow patriots – who have been doing shifts at the hospital next to their sick neighbour. – go and get his belongings …..

Translated from by Donna Hatzizacharia

  • pkzaan

    I just heard about this.

    I `am living in Holland ( and a Kos fan) and i àm a shame to be a Dutchman when i read things like this.

    I have send this artikel to a Dutch broadcast company ( sbs6) perhaps that they can give some attention here in Holland.
    And i send i also to de Dutch news paper.

  • Willem van Olderen

    i sended these articles to the Dutch parlement. Now cross our thumbs ;-)

  • Willem van Olderen

    DONNA!!!!! Youre great. Efcharisto polie

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