The Search For Ben Continues….

Over the weekend the mother of missing Ben Needham – Kerry Needham appeared on a popular Greek television show know as ‘The light at the end of the tunnel’.  Kerry gave an emotional appeal for anyone with any information concerning her son that went missing from the Dodecanese island of Kos in July 1991  to step forward.

The program, the police, the website and facebook pages set up for The Search For Ben were inundated with phone calls, information and even viewers sending in photo’s and a video clip too.  In the last two days alone the website has had over 34,000 people across the world viewing the site.

The police are busy investigating new leads.  Several cases were reported on various websites and comments came forward one in which a lady working at a hospital reported seeing a young blond boy named Ben in 1992, this boy was apparently brought in by a gypsy lady who was know at the hospital and could not have children of her own.

Then footage of a boy in a gypsy camp came to light taken by a Greek Private Investigator  for other reasons and a young blonde haired boy had come into view.

Kerry Needham returned home overwhelmed by the response and the support from her appeal to await further news.

On Sunday evening an ITV Programe Calendar showed a photograph of a cute blonde hair boy smiling, with the caption -

Exclusive Picture : Is This Ben Needham?

It was a photo that had been taken by a viewer who had been on holiday in 1995 in Corinthia (to the West of Athens) and had got talking to another lady on holiday who had remarked ‘her son’ (the one in the photograph), was not her biological son and had been bought for the sum of 800, 000 drachmas.  This sum is approximately between 12-15, 000 euro’s today.

Today on the website a photograph is shown with the words:-

This picture is from  a video taken in December 1995 in Veria. The boy is approximately 7-8 years old and is wearing a Tom and Jerry T shirt.

Ben’s mother Kerry has not been able to identify the boy since the footage was released and would like him to come forward
to eliminate him from inquiries.

When Greek police asked his family to take him to the local police station, a different child was taken instead without explanation.

Or EMail:

We all wait with baited breath.  People from all over the world sympathise with Ben’s family and many parents agonize over how they would feel if it had been their son or their daughter……

Kerry has never stopped believing, hoping and praying  that one day some-one out there would have some real answers and that she will be reunited with her son again.

Ben would now be a young man.  It is NEVER to late to tell the truth, someone, somewhere out there knows something, saw something and has the answers or even small details which might make all the difference into finding out what happened to Ben Needham and where is he now?

Kerry Needham would like to send a Christmas message to thank all of those who have given her their continued support throughout the years (and to those in Kos and the Greek Police Force on the island).

Kerry will never give up searching  for Ben.  Ben will ALWAYS be on her mind and FOREVER in her heart.


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