Woman found beaten in the ruins….

Local news reports that a 37 year old women (an Italian tourist) was found at 11.00am this morning in the ancient ruins of the market place (behind the Soulis clothes Shop) area in Kos Town, she was injured, her clothing in disarray and she seemed confused.

Immediately medical assistance and an ambulance was called and the women was taken to hospital for medical examination and to treat her beaten face.

It is not known if the woman was sexually assaulted.    It has been reported by witnesses that the women did not remember anything of what happened to her.

The Police are investigating.

  • Danielle Christer

    Unfortunately I was one of the many who saw this, many people walked past seeing this poor women laying on the floor hurt and beaten up. Myself and another lady went to find the police while on the way asked a local to ring an ambulance, which was then when the lady was rescued and taken to the hospital. I feel very upset that so many people just watched this lady and walked away. I approached the lady and asked her if she was ok, at this time her lips were all swollen so was unable to get any words from her, so i asked her if she wanted help. once the ambulance had came to the site I then left it up to her. from what it looked like… she had been sexually asaulted as she had no bottom half clothing on and her face was dangerously battered. Her bag was at her side ripped up with nothing but her make up, tissues and other bits and bobs. but no purse or passport as I asked her if I could check her bag to see if there was any identifcation around so I could work out where she was from. I am very glad an article has been placed on this website with regards to this accident as this was something which was playing on my mind since I returned from KOS. I hope this lady is ok now and is now home.

  • Map

    Violence against women and children is the crime should be so harsh sentence. Those who cause pain to children, women should be punished very severely to set an example for the others looked on. Need urgent policies to protect women and children.

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