A Fun New Hobby With A Dremel Tool|Dremel Tools can Become You New Hobby|How I Used Dremel Tools To Come up With A New Hobby}

If you are looking to make a few dollars and want make it as part of your hobby then this article may just be for you. Well this article is for you. In this article I am going to show you how a dremel tool (The hand held tool that is used for cutting, sanding and detailed projects etc. ) that I have had sitting in the box that it came in for months, and made some intresting sculptures out of wooden planks I had around my house.

            A bit of wood is the first thing you will need to obtain. Find a nice smooth bit of wood that is not too damaged and is free from knots as well as having a clean surface. If you want to work with something authentic then you could find a branch that has fallen from a tree, cut the size of the peice you need and then sand it. Now that you have that you need your dremel tool, if you don’t have one they probally sell them at your local hardware store. You will also need access to a printer via a computer. Next you will need to get hold of some tape and goggles because when you start working with your Dremel tool it may throw up a lot of debris so you will need to protect your eyes.

           With all your materials and tools in place you are ready to go. Before you start go over to the internet and do a search for ‘wood sculpting patterns’  and locate a picture of a sculpture that you feel  is not too hard for you to copy. Takining a pair of scissors cut out the chosen design leaving approx 1″ margin around the outside. So now you take your tape and cover the front of the pattern with tape and about half of an inch off the paper so you can place it on the wooden slab you have ready. You can now begin working on your work! I usally trace the outline then take the tape off and do some touch ups and it looks really nice.

          Thats how I took some of my spare time into a nice productive hobby. I have all sorts of crafts I hung on my walls that I made. You can even sell them to friends if they are good enough.Happy carving with your Dremel Tool

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