It has been reported both on local and national news that many of the pharmacies in Greece (and in Kos) are short of certain medicines.  Important medicines that can save lives such as insulin, Cidron (for patients with heart problems)….and many more.

It is reported that a spokesman for the EPA for Greek pharmacies in the Dodecanese region that this is a serious problem and is largely due to the ‘gaps’ now that the pricing policy of the ministry towards the pharmaceutical companies has changed and that most of these drugs need to be prepaid.

Meanwhile people are suffering and struggling daily…especially it is noted cancer patients who need chemotherapeutic drugs.

While people wait their medical conditions get worse…how long can these conditions continue….in Greece…it is shocking….(it is not a third world country!)  People need medicine.  This is the island and land of Hippocrates after all!  It’s a joke!  Thousands of doctors from all around the world visit this beautiful island every year, whilst our own doctors have to work unrelenting hours without having the facilities and medicines that they need…..

We hear of shortages of doctors and nurses of blankets and sheets in hospitals…..and now medicine in pharmacies….(and hospitals).

When will people sit up and notice what is really happening to normal people in Greece?

How many people COULD die due to lack of medical care and the medicines that they need in Greece ?

How many people do you know that are sick and cannot afford to pay for their medicines even if they can supply it at the pharmacy?

Shouldn’t health come first…. ???


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