Police Clamp Down On Crime

In a campaign to target this area police forces from the operational planning of the General Police Directorate of the South Aegean special forces  have made a number of arrests in the South Aegean Region during a 24 hours (8th December-9th December) special operation.

The special forces are organized on the basis of specific design by The Cyclades Police Divisions, First Dodecanese and B Dodecanese and are aimed at troubleshooting ,as well as crime prevention in these areas.

The main objectives of the police were to check papers of  foreigners residing in these areas, drugs, road safety and general matters brought to their attention.

The teams of  various Police officers, Security and Immigration worked together and got results.

104  were arrested – many were residing in Greece without the papers necessary to remain in the country.

Eleven  foreigners did not meet the legal requirements to remain in the country.

Six  for offenses relating to the operation of ‘sanitary’ interest

Two for rental housing and facilitating the illegal residence of illegal immigrants in the country.

Two  for extortion and threat.

Two  for theft of public property.

One  for driving under the influence of alcohol

One  for forgery.

One for conducting illegal gambling.

307 violations were confirmed.

213  for K.O.K ( * I have no idea what that means!)

30 on Health Regulations

15 residing illegally

14 for operation of live music without permission of the competent authority

12  for operating  facilities without permission of the competent authority and excess hours

8 for disturbing the peace and noise from music

5 copyright

2 Code on Market Police

2 under the Protection of Minors

2 working without work permits in unsatisfactory conditions.

2 Theft

1Illegal gambling/games

1 for Forgery

Also seized in arrest was a knife and 2  software games used for illegal slot machine gambling.

Translated from kosnewsgr

  • Twiffy

    I did not realize we had a COMPETENT authority, that’s just an excuse to collect money for the elite,s pockets !!!!

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