Council Meeting to be held on 8th May – you’re invited…

The Municipality of Kos would like to invite you to an annual  meeting at the Town Hall at 16.00.


The following items (many!) are on the agenda:-


(It’s going to be a long meeting!!!)


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Decision establishing Firefighter Platform in Primary Section Herakleidon the municipality Kos. 

Accept amount 32.634,28 € resulting from financing the project “Rehabilitation of public networks and communal infrastructure in the island of Kos” – Authorize Treasurer. 

Accept funding for the project: “Reformation route Themistocles M. Kos” (Reg. 14/2009). 

Accepting funding for the project: “Restoring public networks and shared infrastructure on the island of Kos. - Authorize Treasurer. ” 

Accept funding for the project: “Construction of a nursery in Zipari” – Authorization for receipt of the amount from the Bank of Greece. 

Accept funding from NSRF project “Functional integration of archaeological sites 1st Phase.” 

Accept funding from the Regional Development Fund S.Aegean for the project: “View and digital support of marine tourism and creating notable tourism in Cyprus, Crete and Kos (Para – Mare Tourism (Municipality of Kos).” 

Approval 3rd Overtime conventional execution time of the project: “Restoration CH.A.D.A. municipality Kos in place Kokkinonero.” 

Adoption of an amendment of the total contract time schedule of the project: “Road paving with asphalt to School Lambi.” 

Approval of second extension that the total period of the contract “Study sewer Antimahia settlements, Mastichari Kamari Herakleidon the City, “according to the provisions of paragraph 3 of article 27 of Law 3316/05. 

Approval extension contract execution time of the project: “Functional Integration of archaeological sites – the first phase.” 

Approval Protocol provisional acceptance of the work ‘opening of roads in St. Nektarios. ” 

Approval of the No. 91/2013 Decision of the Economic Commission for drawing up integrated action framework (O.P.D.) for the year 2013. 

Preapproval expenses hospitality delegation City of Montpellier – France in Kos, within the implementation of the twinning arrangement of two (2) Municipalities. 

Approval of No. 03/2013 Decision of the D / S of the K.E.K.P.A.P.Y. DP., on request of the Public Benefit Corporation to the City of Kos for allotment by using OT 214 A1, a total area of 1,918.73 m2 C = (A-B-C-D-A) and that property E = total area 431.75 m2 (street FILINI) in order to obtain a license to establish and operate the Svoureneiou Center for Creative Children with Disabilities municipality Kos.

Approval of the No. 14/2013 Decision N / S of the K.E.K.P.A.P.Y.AS. on request of the Public Benefit Corporation to the City Kos for allotment use four ( 4) tourist train of Kos Municipality for the year 2013 with their respective registration numbers: KCHV 4300, KCHV 4301, KCHV KCHV 7940 and 7226. 

Approval Nos 25 & 26/2013 Decisions of the D / S of the CC . K.P.A.P.Y.AS. a) Voting on the Annual Action Programme in 2013 and b) the resolution of the Explanatory report for documentation of income and expenses of the business for the year 2013. 

Approval of the Draft Programmatic contract between the Municipality of Kos and Decentralized Administration of the Aegean, with the subject: “Disposal personnel, equipment and facilities required by the Municipality of Kos for the staffing and operation of the Department of Residence Permits & Control N / Aliens Appointing Authority for serve transacting citizens – third country nationals residing within the administrative boundaries of the municipality Kos. ” 

Decision on the renewal of PS between the Municipality of Kos OAED 

Deciding to extend implementation of the physical object of the Contract signed between the Municipality of Kos and the National Technical University, approved under No. 404/2012 of the Municipal Council Kos. 

Reformation budget fiscal year 2013 – Modification of Annual Action Plan. 

Decision on cooperation with the company services offshore technology (OTS) SA for annual maintenance – support the implementation of human resource management salaries – staff. 

Deciding for collaboration with ONLINE DATA SA for annual maintenance – support for implementation STOLOS – FLEET MANAGEMENT ». 
approve extension of delivery time competition Unified Management Municipal vehicles and service stations municipality Kos. 

Deciding for subscription renewal of Structural Informatics – Data Bank for the year 2013. 

Approval of No. 8/2013 Decision of the D / S of the DEYAK on reforming W / H house. year 2013. 

Approval of No. 11/2013 Decision N / A DEYAK on reforming the program Executive Project for the year 2013. 

Approval of No. 55/2013 Decision N / A DEYAK on reforming W / H house . year 2013. 

Decision for determining positions and values ​​for outdoor exercise, repetitions and street trading year 2013 and approval of the permit. 

Approval of No. 1/A/2013 Decision N / A DIRAS on the “Vote budget DIRAS for the year 2013. ” 

Approval supplies. 

Approval vehicle market from free trade D / Environment Directorate municipality Kos. 
movements Advance authorizations. 

Approval for repayment of the overpayment. 

Approval commuters travel expenses for away service and adoption credits.

From The Chairman of the Board


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