Nikos Mylonas speaks out concerning The political party Golden Dawn

NO to the violence of fascism of the Golden Dawn!

(A translation with the aid of google & Emma Karanastasi)

The violence of fascism of the Golden Dawn, once again  caused the  murder of an immigrant in Athens, causing anger and outrage amongst us.

Unfortunately, the fascist Golden Dawn has spread it’s nets and it won’t be long before this island sees these events.

Our society must recall the memory of what Nazism means and what it cost to humanity, restoring gaps in historical knowledge, because they exploit the Golden Dawn and distracts unemployed youth and students, even within school grounds.

We must resist the deceptive solidarity initiatives of the Golden Dawn, who are trying to become sympathetic with milk, clothes and pasta, exploiting the poverty of the times and taking advantage of the lack of public welfare. The real political action is driven by the public interest aims at the formation of self-organization structures and municipal policy rather than continued reliance on neo-Nazi-benefactors.

We should look at the whole problem and not allow the divisions among us ignoring the real causes of the crisis and chasing scapegoats such as immigrants, non-Christians, homosexuals and those who articulate different reason than the fascists.

We must curb the secret satisfaction of those facing the Golden Dawn as a punishment of illegal and corrupt as a defender of justice, criticizing its use of violence and highlighting the racist ideology that soon will speak out against all of us.

You need to isolate the voices that preach violent conflict resolution, either in the name of ekfasismou of society, or in the name of the people.

Let us not allow the fascism of the few to make the destruction of us all.

N. Mylonas



The orphaned comrades of Ceausescu are ‘chewing at the bit’ (and the New PASOK) with the rapid rise of Golden Dawn which has been established as a third party (apparent even in Governmental Gallops)
They always find an opportunity to organise ‘anti-fascist rallies’ with meetings of around 2000 people (mainly immigrants/refugees) with drums and lookalikes of Bin Laden and Allah Akbar, trying to prove that Athens is indeed a ‘jungle’.
They don’t care about the (racist) murders of Kantari in Athens (for a videocamera), Lazana in Patra or the rape and beating of Myrto in Paros.
Regarding this violence the ‘enlighteners’ act like ‘Aleko’ (turn a blind eye)
The only thing they do is issue warnings about the only real national party, therefore essentially advertising their operations (distribution of clothes, food and toys).
The river doesn’t flow backwards Mr Milonas! (there’s no turning back now)

In only one thing are you correct;

 Indeed, on our island, we are a strong force.

The GREEKS thicken the ranks of the Golden Dawn because they know that is the only power to save the NATION.




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